If your business is centered in human development (like a DDO for example), it might be the perfect choice.

The way we normally think about development, particularly at work, is fragmented. It’s usually about improving our actions, but there’s more to development than effective actions.

Another way of understanding humanness is to recognize our three distinct aspects or centers:  intellectualemotional, and moving. Different traditions call these centers different things: head, heart, and hands; thinking, feeling, and willing; or body, mind, and spirit.

Development strives to harmonize or unify all three centers.

I have trained in the Decurion Aikido dojo for over 15 years. It has been an essential part of my own development. Learning through whole-person engagement practice has humbled me, shown me that my thinking often gets way ahead of my understanding, and taught me to really connect.

Over and over I think I understand what it means to listen, connect, and participate fully only to be shown in the dojo that my clever ideas are far from embodied experience. This is why I think an art like Aikido is perfect for development.

Why Aikido? Several reasons.

Based on the principles of centering, connecting, blending, and redirecting energy, Aikido is a vehicle for developing ourselves and contributing to the development of others.  It enhances our business competence by teaching us to be present, to remain centered, to open our hearts, and to work with the energy of others.

Aikido is a partner practice, which provides immediate feedback as to the quality of your presence and connection.

Aikido also works for those of all physical abilities.  You do not have to be particularly fit, coordinated, or injury free to begin practicing.  Even people with significant physical disabilities can train and advance in Aikido.

If you really want to work on yourself, figure out what real connection is, and how to authentically show up (to name a few), Aikido is the practice that will let you work on that in a focused clear way.